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All I Want For Christmas Is My Totally free Con-doh, My Totally free Con-doh. By: Jeff Shiller, Esq. Or, the alternate title: How To Own a $ 240,000.00 Prime South Seaside Condominium For $ four Per Yr. Ever since the eighties, Ive been trying to figure out ways to buy a cheap retirement home in Florida so I could put on white garments yr-spherical and resolve crimes in my Ferrari (maintain on a sec. Im looking for a tacky picture. Alright. Got it. Im back again). After much deliberation, I think Ive finally figured it out, and Im sharing my top 2011 investment technique with you. The collapse of the Miami/Palm Seaside County real estate marketplace is legendary. And now, to include insult to injury, a big south Florida legislation firm caught up in the robo-signing mess had numerous of their FANNIE and FREDDIE foreclosures information pulled and re-assigned to new legislation firms. The ensuing confusion between lenders, trustees and the nearby courthouses led to numerous Palm Seaside County homes becoming offered to investors at foreclosures auction this month for as small as $ 200. Yes, thats right, 200 bucks. Heres the post:,,784272.story According to the post, 56 % of successful provides were from investors or individual purchasers who in some cases spent no much more than a months mortgage payment to get homes that offered for upwards of $ 240,000 during the real estate boom. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that those investment numbers function. So if youre like me and have thought about purchasing that dream 2nd home that could also produce rental income, get off your rocking chair and begin considering about buying some south Florida real estate! Heres the capture youve got to get your location correct and time your exit for optimum revenue, so Ill give you my formulation for that. According to Al Gore and the other international warming crackpots, sea ranges will rise by as much as .7 meters by 2060. So heres the answer.

Go down to FLA when the next bulk auction is scheduled. Buy your dream condominium for $ 200. Make certain you buy above the fifth floor. Hold it for 50 many years. Promote when the drinking water hits the 2nd floor. Voila a Florida condominium for $ four for each yr. And you get to sell for at least the insurance coverage money. What a offer! In all seriousness, look for my approaching posts regarding condominium investments. Im going to deal with the dos and donts and professionals and cons of purchasing a condominium as an investment, and even speak with a real, live south Florida condominium expert on the state of the marketplace. Then we can get the bottom of this international warming problem. Merry ChristmaKwanzaKa. Til next time, Jeff P.S. 1 of our readers sent the subsequent post to me about the Safe Act. Its a good summary of my other Safe Act articles. Many thanks Kevin!